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You're Just One Alignment Away...
Align Every Cell In Your Body With The Frequency of What You Want!
The Foundational Principles Of The AHT
Every organ and cell in your body has its own frequency. If you are working towards a goal that does not seem to be happening, chances are it is because some part of your body is either ALLERGIC to that frequency, or ADDICTED to an opposing one. This goes for food, relationships, money, health, connection, and anything else you desire in your life. By ALIGNING with the frequency of what you want, you eliminate any allergic or addicted responses and success becomes automatic. 

Think of this like a gun with a sight on top.  If the sight is not aligned, you could fire the gun over and over and over and eventually you may hit the target but it will cost you time and bullets and a lot of repetition to nail it.  However, if you spend a moment to align the sight (all of your cells) with the barrel (you and your ability to take action) now you will nail it in one or two shots. In the long run you will save time and money and energy by aligning first then firing! 

No longer do you have to spend hours hitting walls or falling short or fighting allergies and addictions that keep you stuck and unhappy.
Simply align!
Abundance Hacking Technique Live Training
March 14th 2020 9:00am-5:30pm
Held at the Home2 Suites at 
3051 West, Club House Dr, Lehi, UT 84043
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Details of the AHT Live Training
We only have space for about 30 people. Once we reach 30 registrations we will have to close registration due to the unique dynamic of the training (this is a hands on, learn it, practice it kind of training). To do a session takes 30 min to 120 min depending on how much aligning they need.  I personally charge $300 per session so for a bit more you can come a learn it for yourself and save money and time in the long run.     
Here are a few testimonials to give you an Idea of what you can align with....
"I hit diamond rank and received and China leg on both of my legs in Juuva! Thanks for aligning me. Wow things are amazing!” Todd

“My friends daughter has not hardly slept through the night in her own bed since she was born. I did AHT on her last night and she slept the night through!” Angela N.

“I made an extra $10,000 in 2 days after aligning!” Eric

“I no longer have a reaction to wheat/ gluten and sugar. I have not bitten my lip while eating or had a canker sore in weeks. It has been amazing!” Amanda

“I had a private session with you and we worked it around being safe in groups of people and with myself and since then I have had no anxiety when around people.” Lauraine

“I've had a really big knot in my right shoulder area for the last few days… before I was even done with the AHT, even though my arms were really tired, my shoulder was almost back to normal!” Niki 

What to do beforehand 
 What we will do there?
More Cool Results from people.
  • Have a basic understanding of muscle testing  (if you don't we will go over it and it takes practice)
  •  Have an open mind
  •  Be willing to push the boundaries of what you think is possible!
  •  List and bring any specific foods or substances you want to align with 
  • Learn the Complete Alignment Technique
  • Practice the technique on each other
  • Understand addiction and allergic responses and how to change them
  •  Understand deeper levels of what frequencies affect us and how to change them within minutes
  •  Receive the written protocol for the technique to use on self and others
  •  Have a lot of fun
  •  Connect with like-minded practitioners
  •  Jane...40 years of trying to get to a root problem from a kid after years of therapy and over 44 cranial sacrals, found it and removed the trauma. (1 session)
  • Jared...stuck on receiving any movement with loans and within two days had replies and follow ups for 1.5 million (1 session)
  •  Emily... 8 years of gluten intolerance, gone and gluten is ok (1 session)
  •  Holly...Soy intolerant, gone.  ( 1 session)
  •  Craig...after cardio arrest struggle with focus over 4 hours and oversensitve to outside stimulus, able to tolerate bright lights, noise, and has more focus to reach his goals (1 session) 
  •  Pornography addictions ( multiple sessions)
  •  Stress Cycles of worrying about money or trusting spouse (multiple sessions)
All upcoming dates
March 14th 2020
Online Course Always Available
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Disclaimer: each testimonial that you see is based on what our clients tell us. We don't verify their statements, we take their word on it. Getting results in health, building a business, and life in general takes effort and work, and each of our clients works really hard to get results. We don't guarantee any results and you should know that any investment is a risk.