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Details of the AHT Certified Instructor Training
MISSION: To create a team of Transformational Leaders who know and teach the fastest, easiest, and most effective process to help people create permanent change in their lives; and thereby create lasting change in our communities and on the planet.

 ABUNDANCE HACKER INSTRUCTOR MANIFESTO: I Know what I want and I get it in the most efficient way. I am a master of my time and keep my word of honor to all those I serve. I teach with enthusiasm and inspire others to transform their lives. I value myself and those I teach and charge them what they are worth. I am a change agent and a catalyst for freedom. I choose my own destiny and live my life to the fullest.  

PERSPECTIVE: Certified students have a limitless income and impact opportunity, a world class support team, and an unprecedented chance to change the world teaching online or in person.

Overall Benefits
Certified students may –
• Teach and hold live workshops with the AHT in-person or online
• Sell the FC online AHT course for a 50% commission and a 10% commission on future certification students that you enroll 
• Access world class training on speaking, enrollment and energy work
• Be some of the very first in a worldwide movement toward alignment
• Access our marketing materials for the AHT
• Be some of the first students in the most in-depth training we’ve ever done
• Be on the cutting edge on the most effective breakthrough in energy work to  date 
• Be featured on our website
• Have a proof of certification and badge for their own website
• Be eligible for referrals from us
• Practice teaching 2 times all the way on an online platform and 3 times doing it live event style
• Learn how to market and sell your future programs to your students
• Gain the knowledge on filling live events, workshops, and online classes
• Get worked on by others in the class and master the technique
• Learn how to create a 6 figure income teaching the AHT while transforming your own life
• And much more
Class Details
The certification course will begin March 2nd, 2020 and will be held live on Zoom once a week for twelve weeks. Plus over 30 hours of online training.  
The schedule will be as follows:
Monday, 8 a.m. Mountain Time
alternating every other week with
Thursday, 8 p.m. Mountain time

All sessions will be recorded and emailed to each class member so you can learn from anywhere regardless if you can't make the classes live. Each class session will be roughly 60-90 minutes. 

A three day live in-person event will be held May 28-30th 2020 in the Salt Lake area where we will practice and assess teaching, enrollment, and AHT skills and have a “graduation celebration” for final certification. If you can't make the date, you can do the following one after that.
To be certified, students must complete practice requirements and worksheets and submit them for review.
Enrollment for this round is limited to 15 people. The value of this certification is over $18,000. This Certification normally sells at $8,500 paid in full or $9,000 on a payment plan. We are giving to the next 5 people a $3,000 credit so it will only be $5,500 PIF or $6,000 on a payment plan. We are adding thousands of dollars in bonuses as well which will be shared in the conversation with those who apply below. Time commitment to learn will be anywhere from 6-8 hours a week for 12 weeks.  

Abundance Hacking Technique Certification
Class Itinerary, May 2nd 2020
(subject to change)

Week 1: Gain a vision and create a movement regardless of your influence or following
• Creating a movement
• Setting the foundation
• Setting and achieving your vision with this technique
• Creating $1,000+, $5,000+, $10,000+ or more per month with the AHT
• The vision of the Abundance Hacking Technique
• What is energy work?
• What is the AHT?
• Why does it work?
• Changing the world with the AHT
Week 2: Mastering the AHT and get results in shorter the time, even if you haven’t had the practice
• Mastering Definitions
• Mastering statements that actually create the result your clients want
• In-depth Inhibitors
• In-depth Enablers
• Incorporating the Chinese elements
• Mastering breathing and brain frequencies
• Mastering muscle testing/intuition
• Food, objects, and phrases
Week 3: Facilitating an AHT session even if someone doesn’t believe it will work
• Getting started
• Preliminary work
• Setting intentions
• Quickly redefining definitions
• Dealing with emotions
• How to hold the space
• Expecting results
• Dealing with doubters
• What if they don’t see results?
• Online sessions
• In person sessions
• Remote work and teaching
Week 4: Practice and refine on different platforms no matter where someone lives
• Q&As about the sessions you are holding
• Live coaching and feedback
• Troubleshooting
• Hold 5-10 real AHT sessions
• Doing the AHT on yourself
• Online sessions
• In person sessions
• Remote work and teaching
Week 5: Build your package and sell consistently to your ideal clients
• Tailoring AHT to your story
• Your unique marketing style
• How to talk about energy work without being “weird”
• Creating an irresistible offer
• Building your AHT blueprint
• The nuances of the AHT enrollment conversation
• Tips for setting up your legal/waivers
• Using networking to build your student base
• Your relationship with Freedom Catalyst
Week 6: Finding and Enrolling the right Clients so you enjoy what you do
• Get 1-5 new paying clients
• Q&A about enrollments and networking
• Live coaching and feedback
• Enrollment conversation practice
• Enrollment troubleshooting
• Feedback from group
• Schedule your first live event

Week 7: Holding AHT Workshops online or live and how make them 250% profitable
• Planning your workshop
• Setting intentions and outlining
• Creating the most profound change in your students lives
• What to charge
• How to present the material
• Suggested lesson outline
• How to not be boring
• Managing the energy in the room
• Keeping it simple
• State changes
• Body language
• Prepping before event
• How to teach the AHT
• Up-selling to your programs after the event
• Personalized coaching and practice
Week 8: Refine your message and market to get people to your live event time after time
• Find your target number
• Get actual registrations for your first live event
• Live coaching and Q&A
• Event registration troubleshooting
• Feedback from group
• Presentation practice with the group
• Bringing your warm audience
• Reaching out to other audiences
Week 9: Preparing for your live event and getting through any resistance and fear
• Do 5+ AHT sessions
• Do 3+ practice presentations
• Troubleshooting and feedback
• Presentation practice with group
• One-on-one coaching to work through your resistance
• Designing your event upsells and next packages
• Live coaching and Q&A
Week 10: Holding your live event and making your first one profitable
• Hold first event
• Presentation practice with group
• Troubleshooting event preparations
• Feedback from event
• Q&A from first events
• Live coaching and practice
• Schedule your next live event
Week 11: How to stand out and market like a pro so clients flood to you
• Finding your own unique AHT niche
• How to fill live events long term
• How to leverage networking events
• How to get speaking engagements
• Basics of online marketing
• Being the living example
Week 12: Graduation party and solidifying to maintain future success
• Final one-on-one sessions
• Feedback from group
• The future vision
• Become certified
• Graduation

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